About Us


Established since 1998, Stnt International Pte Ltd is registered with General Insurance Association of Singapore.

Our principal is United Overseas Insurance. We have various division and business solutions and software.

This website is dedicated to our TPA activities , specialised in offering our services and presence in the Holy City of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Madinah Al-Munawarrah

STNT International is the sole provider with customer service officers made available at all out designate medical centres and hospitals. Our 24hrs hotline is always ready to serve you at the times of need.

It is well known that our service is appreciated by all the Travel Agents as we ease them in their work. We provide medical assistance to pilgrims who needs medical attention and if need arises, we send them back to their home country via air ambulance.

We are well supported by our Saudi Partner and the owner has his own Saudi representative to act on his behalf in all finance matters and is responsible to do deposits in all medical centres and hospitals. We are also supported by Dr.Faisal Suleiman, the CEO of Albayt Medical Centre.

Our company’s rapid growth has earned the favourable attention of our counterparts.

Our Managing Director, Haji Ayoob Angullia, is very passionate and he is readily available at anytime. He is supported by his son, Dr Ammar Angullia, who is also the Director of Stnt International Pte Ltd.

Our Tradition, ‘Mesra & Amanah’. We are warmth, friendly and amanah to Allah SWT and his guests.



To provide quality Takaful products that are in accordance to Islamic Shariah and are able to overcome the challenges of today and the future.



Use our expertise and experiences to provide the best Hajj EMA package aimed at achieving a “Happy and Carefree” Pilgrimage.

To promote “Happy and Carefree” homes through quality Takaful products.To promote Takaful financial protection for commercial projects. Together with United Overseas Insurance Limited (UOI), ST&T International has developed an effective package that will lead to a “Happy & Carefree Pilgrimage”. We are in continuous effort to provide an excellent service for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.