Al-Dar Hospital (Madinah)


We endeavor to provide medical service to the best of our potential and to strive in staying ahead to be at the forefront. With our excellent service and aspirations, we hope to provide optimum service to our patients.

The 24-hour Emergency Department at the hospital is equipped with ever-ready medical personnel, and high-tech medical equipment, enabling it to be ready to serve our patients at any time. We also have 24-hour airlines-hotline and a special runway to transfer patients brought in by air to an ambulance on standby. This can be done through the internal network of visual and audio-hospital surgical procedure and medical consultations under the direct supervision of the world’s leading medical centers. The hospital administration has always sought to keep up with the latest in modern medicine technically and scientifically.

From the moment a patient enters the hospital, a personal file record will be created for him. He will then receive care from trained nursing staff who are responsible for his welfare and medical needs. Our hospital with a privilege of views of Quba’ and Jumuah mosques and this sets us apart as a religious tourism hospital that provides assurance to the heart of Muslims.